• 銭湯


  • public bath

    We offer a comfortable bath with the combination of glass, cypress, and concrete bathroom. Before the renovation the bath was used as a sunroom for children and we utilize that design to create a unique atmosphere. It is also possible to use just the bath without staying at the guesthouse. We have towels for rent if you want to come here empty handed.

  • 料金price


    ・Adults (15 years or older)
    ・Children 250 yen
    ・Locals Adults 300 yen
    ・Locals Children 150 yen

  • アメニティーameneties
    ・Small towel (300 yen)
    ・Rental bath towel (200 yen)
    ・Toothbrush (50 yen)
    ・Razor (100 yen)
    ・Dryer, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap (free in public bath)
    ・Homemade oil for skin (free/available for purchase in café)