• わたしたち


  • about us

    Teshima Shinaikan ended its 70 year history as an orphanage in March 2015. Then it was reborn as a guesthouse with a public bath in August 2017. Since then, new relationships are created between the locals and the guests from all over the world and they interact in an environment without a border.

  • はじまり


  • the beginning

    Shinaikan was started in 1947 soon after the war by a social activist named Toyohiko Kagawa. This land had an abundance of milk which was the reason why it was chosen as an orphanage to help the kids grow strong. In the span of about 70 years, 3000 children received lots of love and happiness from this facility, however in March of 2015 it decided to relocate to a more urban area of Kagawa called Sakaide City. After the closure the locals wanted to think of a good way to use this facility which was full of great memories. They realized the increase in number of tourists and the need to an accommodation and decided to renovate the facility to a guesthouse.

  • リノベーション

    設計は「安部 良アトリエ」。安部 良さんは、豊島で2010年に古い家屋を再生した食堂「島キッチン」の設計に関わったことで、島に足繁く通い続け、神愛館を銭湯付きのゲストハウスとして再開させるきっかけをつくられました。岡山の山村部、西粟倉村で「あわくら温泉 元湯」を安部 良さんの設計でリノベーションし、ゲストハウスとして運営していたわたしたち「株式会社sonraku」が運営を引き受けることになりました。地元の大工さんや、安部 良アトリエのスタッフさん、わたしたちsonrakuのメンバーで一緒につくりあげていきました。


  • renovation

    The architectural design was created by Abe Ryo Studio. It all started in 2010 when Ryo Abe visited Teshima many times to renovate an old house to a restaurant called “Shima Kitchen”. Then they came up with an idea to make the Shinaikan into a guesthouse with a public bath. Together with the help of Abe Ryo studio who took care of the design, the local carpenters who helped out with the constructions and our organization “Sonraku” who took care of the operation of the guesthouse created Awakura Onsen Motoyu in the valleys of Okayama prefecture.

  • オープン


    〒707-0503 岡山県英田郡西粟倉村影石2050

  • scenery

    It was a long and difficult renovation process due to the fact that it was located on a remote island with no supermarkets or hardware stores. With the help of many people we were finally able to open in August 2017. In a sneak preview event just for the locals, about 100 guests came out of the 800 total people on the island. Since the opening, many people from all over the world come to the island to visit the Teshima museum to see the different artworks. At night, many of the locals come to bath in the public bath or drink and interact with the guests everyday.